Starbar Ranch All Natural and Humanely Grown

                               How We Got Started

Starbar Farm  got started growing Organic Hay. We grew only the best hay for our animals and neighbors and then Customers. Out of this grew a small Hobby Farm with just a few Cattle. Then came a few pigs.Then came many and many pigs. Then from these humble beginnings came the Ranch  and soon we needed to change the name. Finally, out of this came Starbar Farm & Ranch. Today a top purveyor of Organic and Naturally raised Beef and Pork.

Our latest Edition to our Ranch is American Style Kobe Beef.

It is a style of Kobe Beef raised as our Natural Organic Beef. Our Wagyu Bull is mated with our Black Angus or Belted Galloway cows and this produces a form of Kobe Beef which is 50% Wagyu and 50 % Angus or Galloway. While not quite marbled as 100% Kobe it will astound you in taste and the fat content.

Our cattle graze on  naturally and organically grown grass, where no insecticides nor pesticides are ever used.We never use Hormones  nor add antibiotics to the fed. We insure our animals have the best nutrition any animal can attain without the use of commercial enhancements. Our company is based on the belief that the well being of our animals,and the customers needs for naturally and humanely raised cattle  is of the utmost importance. Our entire team  is committed to meeting those needs. To that end,we are extremely proud and pleased to offer our customers the ability to buy online American Style Kobe beef raised without grain, all naturally.